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Michael Sineus

Hello! My name is Michael Sineus. I was born in Minoterie, Haiti. My childhood there was difficult. The first time I met my dad it was when I was 11 years old. After knowing my Dad for a couple of years, he died. That means I didn’t know or have the love of a father . My mom had refused to marry him according to her faith.

In Haiti, it is extremely difficult to find a job especially, if one is not corrupt and even more so, if one is uneducated. My mother was neither corrupt nor educated. As a result, she raised her family through the trials of extreme poverty. In spite of this. we were never without a little something to eat: a small piece of bread and sugar water at the least.

Finally, even as I was being raised up in a desperate situation where I had little or no access to food and school, I still had a vision. My vision was always to be educated so I can change my life’s situation. Walking home one day the feelings of loneliness and despair finally overtook me and I broke down into tears. At this time, I used to go to Mission of Hope, Haiti where North American mission groups used to come. There I could practice English. At that time, it’s the only thing I could do because I could not afford to go to school. I had to walk a couple miles every day to go to Mission of Hope with no food and sometimes I feel very weak and tired. Walking that long with no food, I started crying to God that I can’t stand it anymore. Please send somebody on my path to help me with school! Please! I was crying all the way to and from my house to Mission of Hope, Haiti, asking God again and again to send people on my path to help me. And after couple weeks, God did send someone along. One mission group came from Oklahoma and, as I was practicing English with them, one of them told me that God put in their heart to help me. “What do you want?” she asked. I said I need education and some food. And she helped me to graduate from high school and have a little something to eat every day. Since then, I realize that I have to put my faith in God to trust him for my needs in life because everything is possible with him.

After that experience, I increasingly desired to know God more and to see my country improve dramatically. After I graduated from high school, I wanted to do more so I can help my country, Haiti, that I love so much and where God placed me to be. I have learned that the more you know God, the more God will use you. I was able to apply at Jacksonville (FL) Theology Seminary and was accepted. I wanted to know God personally and have a relationship with Him but, found seminary only taught me about God. The more I learned the more I desired to know God. After hard work, I graduated from Jacksonville Theology Seminary with a bachelor degree in theology.

At long last, I finally found what I was looking for and more. Not only I did come to know God personally while I was at Jacksonville Theology Seminary but, I also received the vision for Haiti that I still hold today.
Soon after graduation, I begin ministry in Minoterie, Haiti where I grew up. My vision is to see Minoterie and Haiti transformed through lives transformed for Christ. Investing in the people of Haiti is necessary for this. Since beginning the ministry, God has miraculously provided again and again for my family and for Real Love Ministries International.



God has an amazing story for each of us, it’s entitled, “Our LIFE!” I was born in a small town in NC to wonderful Christian parents, and I have a brother and 2 sisters. I was in church on the first Sunday I was present in this world, so I have had 60+ years of exposure to what God is doing in and through this living organism He calls the Church. It took me a little longer than some (I’m a little hard headed!) to realize that God had a plan for me, and all I had to do was join Him in what He was already doing.

I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Go Heels!!) in 1987 and went to work in my profession as a Pharmacist. The winding road of life took many turns, but the best turn I ever made was finding my wife, Ellen, and starting a partnership that has lasted now for more than 25 years. We were blessed with two beautiful children, Madison and J.C., and later were given the joy of adopting our two other sons, Tyler and Joey. I was given the privilege of owning and operating my own business for 17 years, and through that experience was able to bless and help countless people and organizations with the love and resources God had put in my life.

In 2002, God began speaking into my life in a very different way. When I was 16 years old, God had told me that He wanted me in full time vocational ministry. I didn’t really understand what that meant, and so I followed Him into my work as a Pharmacist, and He blessed my time in that profession and allowed me to develop the knowledge and skills that would serve me in the “vocational ministry” He was preparing for me. In 2009, through a series of circumstances and situations that were challenging, yet eye (and heart) opening, God began to prompt me that it was time to heed His call to full time vocational ministry. I enrolled in seminary at Asbury Theological Seminary and graduated with my Masters in Christian Leadership in 2012.

During this great adventure, the road of life kept offering turns and bends that led me to some amazing people and amazing places. One of these places was Haiti. In 2011, right after the terrible earthquake, I came to Haiti on a medical mission team. This is where I met Michael, our Haitian Director. His heart broke my heart. His life impacted me in a way that I could not get past. His vision spoke life into my desire to “live on mission” for God. Through prayer and soul searching, Michael and I gave God the reigns of Real Love Ministry International, and we told Him, “this is Yours, do with it what only You can!” WOW! God is a BIG GOD! He has BIG plans and the most amazing thing is that He will use someone as imperfect and fallible as me to accomplish these plans. I am so humbled to be given a part in the ministry of Real Love Ministries International, but God didn’t stop there. He gave me an opportunity to Pastor a church in NC as well. I am now serving as the Campus Pastor at Crosslink Church in Morganton, NC. Life is busy, but it is also very satisfying as I see God’s hand at work continually in my life, and the life of the people He has given me the great privilege to serve!

Russ Van Nest

Russ served over 27 years in 3 churches in New Castle PA in youth and pastoral ministry. In January 2017, he joined RLMI’s staff as the Ministry Catalyst. As a full-time, U.S.-based missionary to Haiti, Russ is raising support for his family and his position. As Ministry Catalyst, Russ’s role is to do whatever he can to support the Kingdom-work on the ground in Haiti. From administration to communication and project management, he connects the people and resources in the U.S. with the people and need in Haiti. Russ, his wife Lori and their 3 children (and 2 dogs) live in Western PA and he travels to Haiti with teams and as needed to serve the ministry.