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$20 for 2020 Campaign

Stand With RLMI As We Stand With Haiti!

These are tough times in Haiti. More so than usual. Yet, God is on the move with RLMI in Haiti!!! What a mighty God we serve!! Even in these challenging times, we will seek to expand and deepen our impact for Christ in Haiti!

Therefore, it is critical that we build our reserves so we can honor our commitment to our friends in Haiti that we serve. Our first effort to build our reserves for 2020 is the $20 for 2020 Offering. We are praying for 1000 people across our churches to give $20 for a $20,000 Reserve Fund to start 2020.

Better yet, we have a Matching Gift that will double your gift of $20 to $40!!!


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This is a special campaign to raise funds for our meal program at Real Love Academy. Learning and teaching on an empty stomach is difficult to do. For many of our students, this will be their only meal of the day. Currently $85/day will feed nearly 300 students and school staff. $1700 will provide a meal for 20 school days in a typical month.

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Education is key for a sustainable future for our children and for Haiti. There is no free, public education system in Haiti. Schools in Haiti operate on tuition and outside support. With average income hovering around $2/day, many Haitians cannot afford the tuition costs. Therefore, many do not attend consistently or at all.

Real Love Academy (RLA) will help provide an affordable, quality education to our children at the orphanage and for the families of Lafiteau and surrounding area. The focus of our curriculum is knowledge, character-development and leadership in a Christian environment to unleash the potential of each of our children. A very small tuition will be requested as an investment in their education however, it will not be a reason for a child not attending school.

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Access to healthcare is limited throughout all of Haiti, but especially, in rural areas. Our mobile clinics have provided emergency and urgent medical care to the people of Minoterie, Thomazeau, Belladere Monnoville and La Ganove . Our mission teams of medical professionals and support volunteers normally see 150-200 patients in a day on our visits.

In addition, the local mayor has entrusted RLMI with a government -built medical facility to open and operate a primary care clinic in Minoterie-Laffiteau. This wonderful opportunity will provide proper disease management of conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and proper maternity/ neonatal care that give Haitians the shortest lifespan in the Western Hemisphere…….

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Help Us Engage, Equip & Empower
We are asking you to Pray, Give, and Go! We would love to host you and a team of your peers at our Ministry Campus in Lafiteau, Haiti. We will spoil you with comfortable beds, air -conditioned rooms, great food (including PB & Js) and clean water. The only thing we won’t spoil you with is hot showers! In exchange, we ask that you love on our children, serve our widows, and work alongside our outstanding Haitian staff in carrying out our mission of Engage, Equip & Empower.

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