Jesus lives in the forgotten. He has taken up residence in the ignored. He has built a mansion amidst the ill. If we want to see God, we must go among the broken and beaten. There we will see Him.
–Max Lucado

Our Widows Mite began after a visiting medical team observed many widows weak, malnourished and in poor health. Their stories were heart-breaking. Many went days without food and fainted frequently. Compounding the problem, the widows were elderly, blind or disabled and had no way of supporting themselves. A response was needed!

$50/month helps to provide a monthly food pack for each person in our program. These packs usually contain pasta, rice, beans, oil, and sardines among other items. You can fully sponsor 1 or more food packs. However, monthly gifts of any amount or special gifts are welcomed!  Currently, we support 40 widows/widowers and elderly persons across 3 villages.

You may follow our ministry on Facebook at Widows Mite Haiti for updates and other ways that you can participate.

Support a Widow

Each widow is visited in their home, hugged, listened to, encouraged, prayed for and given a promise “we’ll be back”.  Our program provides food to alleviate their physical hunger, fellowship for their loneliness, medical care and hope through Jesus Christ to relieve their sorrow. In addition, we have provided: clothing, shoes, blankets, shelter, Bibles, chickens, goats, sewing machines with fabric, Blessing Bags– you name it we have collected and sent it! As our resources grow, we are addressing other needs that our widows have, like housing and access to clean water.