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Growing up in one of the world’s most impoverished nations presents many challenges to surviving let alone, thriving. Many children are abandoned to the streets of Haiti or live in dire circumstances. Currently, we provide a loving home to less than 2 dozen children either long-term or temporary. The ministry campus was once a garbage field that God has transformed to a place of love and hope for our children!

The children are well-fed, cared for and have their physical, emotional and spiritual needs met by a loving staff. The children attend school and church and fill their free time with fun, engaging activities at our home.  When extra funds allow, the children go on trips to the beach, museum or participate in other fun activities.

It is our goal to equip them to be servant leaders that will empower a new and vibrant Haiti.

Your monthly sponsorship provides food, clothing, shelter, education, faith formation and a loving, safe environment for our children. Sponsorships start at $35/month. You can receive a prayer card to pray for one of our children.