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Our most pressing need is to meet our monthly operating budget.  Our budget pays our Haitian School Staff, provides educational resources and a daily meal.  Right now, we struggle to meet our budget for Real Love Academy

A monthly gift of $30 for a year or an annual gift of $360 will sponsor a child.  A gift of any amount is always welcomed.

To sponsor 1 of our students: If you know the name of the child you want to sponsor, use the Sponsorship Form Button.  OR you can scroll down the page to read more about Real Love Academy and to see picture cards of some of our students. To begin, click on the card of the child you want to sponsor.  To see additional cards, email russ@reallovehaiti.org.

To Make Your Gift:

  • Online: use the Give Today Button
  • Bank Draft/Mail: PO Box 846 Rutherford College NC 28671.

Please note, when paying online, a bank draft has a minimal fee. If paying by credit card, please consider an additional gift to help cover transaction fees to increase the impact of your gift.  You are encouraged to create an online account so you can access your Giving Records.

Thank you for partnering with us to #EngageEquipEmpower Haiti with the gift of education!

Real Love Academy

Education is key for a sustainable future for our children and for Haiti. There is no free, public education system in Haiti. Schools operate on tuition and outside support. With average income hovering around $2/day, many Haitians cannot afford the tuition costs. Therefore, many do not attend consistently or at all.

Real Love Academy (RLA) provides an affordable, quality education to our children at the orphanage and for the families of Lafiteau and surrounding area. The focus of our curriculum is knowledge, character-development and leadership in a Christian environment to unleash the potential of each of our children. A very small tuition will be requested as an investment in their education however, it will not be a reason for a child not attending school.

RLA is in its 3rd year for the 2019-20 school year. We now offer 3 levels of Pre-K/Kindergarten and 1st- 5th grades.   Additional grades will continue to be added through high school graduation including trade school programs. This is a much-needed resource to prepare our children, as well as those living in the village, for adulthood and to be leaders. It is vital to our efforts to empower the Haitian people.

Monthly support is $30/month (for 12 months) to pay teachers and resource our education ministry.  Use Academy Operations to begin.  To sponsor a particular child, scroll down to the Sponsor Card Section then click on the card of the child you want to sponsor, to complete the form. If you would like to see more child sponsor cards, please message russ@reallovehaiti.org

Your support is also needed to finish construction of Phase 1 of our new school building and purchase equipment and supplies. Use the Facilities & Equipment to donate.

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